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OU's Price College of Business, First Fidelity Bank business program students make donation to OSPSP

Updated: Apr 8

A group of students pose together on the campus of the University of Oklahoma. They're all wearing business/professional attire.

The Price College of Business at the University of Oklahoma partnered with the First Fidelity Bank’s Integrated Business Core program to combine their academic programs with an experiential learning portion where students develop and create a company based around an original OU product within the semester.

This year, OU business student Natalie Edmonds, together with her group, graciously made a donation of $8,200 to the OSPSP to support individuals in pursuing their dreams and goals.

“Students alike, we all gained a new appreciation for the opportunity of higher education and hope that our contribution can have a lasting impact on the program," Edmonds said. "The entire Sooner Paddles team wants to thank First Fidelity Bank, our professors at OU and the OSPSP team for your unwavering support and trust with a 'company' of college students trying something new.

"I truly feel that OU and OSPSP share so many important values including innovation and collaboration, that encourage students of all backgrounds to strive for success, and I am so grateful to be a part of both incredible communities!”


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