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OSPSP creates endowment with help from Oklahoma-based foundations

A woman sits at her desk looking at an assignment she received an A+ on.

The Oklahoma Single Parent Scholarship Program created an endowment with the Oklahoma City Community Foundation in 2023 with an initial gift of $35,000 from one charitable donor. The generous support of the Kirkpatrick Family Foundation and several other donors in 2023 allowed the new endowment to grow to about $53,000.

The endowment began for the purpose of ensuring the long-term sustainability and growth of OSPSP. Our goal for the endowment remains the same as it was at the inception of the endowment: Funds generated will be used to strengthen the organization's capacity to help low-income single parents increase their education levels and improve their ability to care for their families. We will use endowment-generated funds as a reliable source for future operational support.

While donations to OSPSP are necessary for our current day-to-day operations and scholarship opportunities, donations to the endowment are just as important for our longevity. Please consider donating to the OSPSP Endowment and help us to continue to prosper and grow for the future.


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