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  • Communities Foundation of Oklahoma: Administers scholarships to Oklahoma students who are seeking higher education. It works with donors, schools, and communities to provide opportunities for students.

  • Oklahoma City Community Foundation: Connects donors with Oklahoma students who need financial assistance for their education. It offers a variety of scholarships for different fields and backgrounds.

  • Philanthropic Educational Organization (PEO): Projects Educate Women, an international organization providing scholarships to females pursuing higher education, affiliate branch in Stillwater. 


  • What is the scholarship criteria?
    Be a resident of Oklahoma. Be the custodial parent of at least one child under the age of 18 living in a single-parent household without assistance of a “significant other” living in the home (custodial parent in Oklahoma means you have custody of your children at least 51% or more than 182 days a year). Be a full-time student at a non-profit college or university located in Cleveland, Grady, Logan, Oklahoma or Payne County working toward a degree. Fulltime is defined as enrolled in 12 or more credit hours OR students accepted into one of these programs may be eligible if enrolled in 8-9 or more hours: Nursing; Anesthesia Technology; Emergency Medical Science; Occupational Therapy Assistant; Physical Therapy Assistant; Respiratory Care Therapist; Speech-Language Pathology Assistant. At this time, OSPSP is unable to extend scholarships to students attending schools outside of the listed counties. Have completed at least one semester of college. Not hold a previously obtained Bachelor’s degree. OSPSP’s scholarship is limited to students seeking their associates or bachelor’s degree. Applicants who hold a professional certification or an associates degree will only be considered eligible if they are pursuing a degree at the next level. Have a minimum 2.0 GPA in the most recent semester and cumulatively. Be eligible to receive federal Pell Grant. This information is included in your SAR by FAFSA. We need you to submit the entire the entire SAR and not just a screenshot. Learn how to download your SAR. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Documents you will be required to submit in order for your application to be complete: Your last tax return. A Student Aid Report (SAR) as calculated by FAFSA. Your official transcript. Next semester’s class schedule.
  • How do I apply for a scholarship?
    Fall Applications are open to everyone May 15 to June 15. Apply Here! (when application is open) or Contact us if you would like to receive an email when the Fall application period goes live. All documents must be submitted by July 1. Interviews are conducted mid July. Recipients are notified mid August. An Awards Ceremony is held mid to late August. Checks are received at the Awards Ceremony or mailed mid to late August. Spring Applications are open only to previous OSP scholarship recipients and are available Oct. 1 to Nov. 1. Contact us if you have received the OSP scholarship in the past and are interested in applying for this coming Spring. Interviews are conducted mid November. Documents are due as soon as they are available. Transcripts and the next semester’s schedule is typically available late December or early January. Recipients are notified mid February. Checks are mailed mid-late February.
  • When and how do I receive the scholarship money?
    Fall recipients receive their checks at an Award Ceremony typically held mid-August. If they are unable to attend, checks will be mailed the week of the ceremony. Spring recipient checks will be mailed mid-February. It is later in the semester because the OSPSP Board does not vote on recipients until the February board meeting.
  • Do I have to submit my transcript each semester?
    Yes! This is how we know if you maintained a 2.0 from the prior semester and if you are enrolled in full-time school for the coming semester.
  • How do I download my Student Aid Report?
    Learn how to download your Student Aid Report.
  • Where can I find additional financial help?
    Find additional scholarship and resources here.
  • Are there any restrictions on how I use my scholarship money?
    OSP scholarship is unique in that it is unrestricted and does not go directly to your school, but instead goes directly to you. We ask that you use the scholarship money for anything you need to help you stay in school. Many of our recipients have used their scholarship money on daycare, babysitters, their vehicle or tires, or to supplement their financial aid for tuition.
  • Who do I contact with questions regarding my scholarship?
    Please contact


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How is life after graduation? We want to hear all about it! How has your life changed or benefitted from the OSPSP scholarship?

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