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OSPSP mentor helps single parent scholarship recipient reach goals

Women stand smiling in a line while holding candles at an event. They're all wearing blue nursing outfits.

I served as a mentor the last two years to a dedicated single mom student who graduated this past spring with her B.S. degree and is currently continuing her Master’s Degree studies in Diet and Nutrition Sciences at the University of Central Oklahoma. She greatly appreciated OSPSP’s financial and emotional support.

My current student, Lori R. is working diligently to receive her RN degree from Rose State College. She is an older mom, returning to school to ensure financial security. She has one grown daughter with a 7-year-old living on their own. In her home, Lori has a 16-year-old daughter, as well as her 18-year old-daughter (studying to get her GED), and her 16-month-old grandchild. Lori’s academic goal is to graduate in May 2024 after she completes the required clinical rotations, and then to find a secure job as a registered nurse.

Lori said she feels daily pressure as a single parent student.

“I was really worried about financial aid last semester," she said. "It’s been a struggle to pay rent and the OSPSP scholarship helped me cover it. I also like the support safety net that the mentors provide as listeners and resources for us."

As a mentor, my role is to be a good listener and encourager. Our students are already on a tight timeframe, so we often just text or call to stay in touch. Lori lets me know when she finishes a big exam week, and updates me on upcoming challenges and goals. During finals week, OSPSP provides care packages to all of our recipients. Hopefully it is reassuring that others are in their corner, cheering for their success.

- Marcy Price, OSPSP Mentor


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