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Oklahoma Single Parent Scholarship Program awards family for being encouraging, supportive to students

Two women and a man stand holding an ornamental award at a ceremony. The women both have dark hair and are in event/business attire. The man has slicked-back brown hair and a beard, and is wearing a suit.

OSPSP was proud to introduce the “Taylor Family Encourager’s Award” at the recent Reach for the Stars event.

The inaugural award was given to its namesake, the Lisa and Chip Taylor Family. Lisa and Chip accepted the award at the event on behalf of themselves and their mothers.

“We named the new award in honor of Chip and Lisa Taylor because they have been such vital encouragers to OSPSP and our students," said OSPSP Co-Founder Ellen Ingram. "The couple serve as mentors to a current scholarship recipient and also their early support of OSPSP encouraged us to keep working to grow our young nonprofit.”

OSPSP intends to award the Taylor Family Encourager’s Award annually to promote the Taylor family’s legacy and to recognize others who encourage our program and students.

“We are honored to be recognized in this way and consider it a tribute to our mothers who were such role models," Ingram said. "We will continue to be advocates for the program and do what we can to spread the word about all the great things going on with Oklahoma Single Parent Scholarship Program.”


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