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OSPSP is looking for teens who have a specific interest in helping single parents in Oklahoma. 

We expect to hold up to six meetings a year, however much of the "work"/volunteer hours accrued will be done on your own time and not necessarily at a scheduled meeting.

Here are ways you may be asked to help:

Collecting Money


OSPSP has one fundraiser at this time.  You will be expected to seek sponsors and sell tables or tickets for Reach for the Stars which will be held on Thursday, September 12, 2024.  Fundraising for this event will be the focus of Summer 2024.  The teen board will create their own fundraiser for OSPSP in Spring 2025.

Fitness App

Social Media/Website

OSPSP needs help creating blog content for our website, posting to instagram and facebook, and X. 


We also need help creating and maintaining a linkedIn account and connecting that account to prior scholarship recipients, mentors, donors, and schools.

Folded Newspapers


OSPSP creates and sends out two newsletters a year.  We need help creating the content and laying it out in the newsletter.  The teen board will be responsible for folding, addressing, and mailing newsletters.  This will take place ideally in October and March/April.

Apply to join the OSPSP TEEN Board

Teen Board members may be asked to serve in at least one committee. Please mark the committee(s) you have interest in serving on for OSPSP.
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