The Oklahoma Single Parent Scholarship Program, a 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in 2016, deploys a model that has been highly successful in Arkansas. Since it was launched 25 years ago, the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund has awarded millions of dollars in scholarships to impoverished single parents pursuing a college degree. The dramatic results: 89% of scholarship recipients graduated or continued their educational programs the next year. That is a stark contrast with Oklahoma where fewer than half of Oklahoma college students graduate in six years or less, and almost a third (26%) of freshmen at Oklahoma’s public colleges fail to return to college the second year.

The founder of the Oklahoma program, Ellen Ingram, brings more than a decade of experience of being a leader in the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund where she played a critical role in its success in Little Rock. After moving back to Oklahoma, she met Jean Warner who had a track record of leadership in Oklahoma nonprofits and a shared passion for helping single parent college students succeed. Just prior to their meeting, Warner had conducted research for the Women’s Foundation of Oklahoma and found a dearth of financial and supportive resources available for single mothers attending college in our state. Over the past few years, the two women have researched, networked, recruited volunteers and laid a strong foundation for the program to begin in Oklahoma.

Over the past six years, OSPSP has awarded over $100,000 in scholarships to low-income single parents. The organization continues to grow as it works to change the lives of families across the state, ultimately increasing education levels, reducing poverty and preventing families from relying on tax-funded assistance.

Oklahoma Single Parent Scholarship Program

6608 N Western Avenue, #322
Oklahoma City, OK 73116


Lisa Edmonds, President

Halley Reeves, President-Elect

Jane Nelson, Secretary

Molly McBride, Treasurer

Jill C. Trauschke, Past President

Taylor Boyd

Morgan Brammer

Laura Burdette

Steven Charles

Evelyn Cardona

Anthony Foster II

Ellen Ingram

Randal Lewis

Kelly Mirabile

Donna Mullins

Marcy Price

Shuntae Wallace

Monica Weedn